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A guide to professionals considering the career switch

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Objections to switch from physical to digital


Project Overview

The product:

Insert a few sentences about the app, website, or other product that you designed and the target users

Project duration:

Insert the time that you worked on this design project — e.g., Month Year to Month Year

Preview of selected polished designs.

The problem:

Insert one to two sentences about the problem(s) you were trying to solve.

The goal:

Insert one to two sentences about the goal of the project.

My role:

Identify your role in the project — e.g., lead UX designer, UX researcher, etc.


List the responsibilities you had throughout the project — e.g., user research, wireframing, prototyping, etc.

Understanding the user

User research: summary

Write a short paragraph describing your user research.

UX na Prática com Allan Cardozo & UX Unicórnio com Leandro Rezende| Group Project | Remote | 5-Week Design Sprint

How we used UX design to improve student’s performance and help teachers identify student’s performance and increase and engagement during COVID-19?

The current scenario

Every day, thousands of students who attend in-class lectures have learning difficulties. This scenario is even more aggravating in public education due to little digital structure, little interaction between students and teachers due to the large number of students per class, little digital preparation by many teachers, parents and students, and the dependence of the State / Municipality for the implementation of public policies for education.

[Project 8: Digital Transformation] 5-Days Sprint | Group Project Remote| Ironhack São Paulo

The Challenge

Considering the challenges faced by the current COVID-19 scenario, it is necessary to prepare the public for the jobs that will arise during this era of digital transformation. In week # 8 of Bootcamp UX / UI Design, Ironhack proposed to us to develop the identity and the Goldenhack platform, with remote courses for the development of soft skills and emotional training. The aim of the courses is to prepare young graduates for the job market.

[Project 7: Webdev Week] 5-Days Sprint | Group | Ironhack São Paulo


At Ironhack, UXUI students have a 3-day course dedicated to familiarize themselves with Web Developing from the designer’s point of view, focusing on the introduction to HTML5 and CSS.


As we are in the learning phase, we decided to take inspiration from an existing website and try…

[Project 6: Curated Event Microsite] 5-Days Sprint | Individual | Ironhack São Paulo


[Project 5: Editorial Design] 5-Days Sprint| Group: Yan Li e Aila| Ironhack São Paulo


The consumption of digital editorial content has grown considerably in the last year, the most traditional magazines and newspapers on the market have had the digital version since the 2000s, but in the last 5 years, these platforms have been occupying more and more space in the market.

Problem Statement

The entertainment and media market…

[Project 4: Add a Feature] | 5-Days Sprint| Individual | Ironhack São Paulo

1. Overview

Airbnb wants to incorporate a new feature to its mobile app to improve the experience of business travelers, seeking to share accommodations with their coworkers to maximize social interactions and minimize costs while reducing the bureaucracy and eliminates the annoying process of checking refund notes.

2. Problem Statement

Co-living is a new trend arising in the hospitality sector of business travel. Airbnb needs to…

[Project 3: E-Learning] 5-Days Sprint| Group: Yan Li and Caio Munarolo.| Ironhack.

[Project 2: E-commerce] 5-Days Sprint |(Nina Bedacchi, Danilo Soares e Caio Sérgio Silva dos Santos) | Ironhack São Paulo

The Challenge

The spread of e-commerce by large retailers have affected several small local businesses. Although awareness of the need to update to compete with large retails, investment is often limited, preventing local businesses to stay competitive.

Yan Li

This is a series of publications documenting my journey evolving from Interior Architecture to Product Design | UXUI.

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